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Friday, August 25, 2017

++ VA-2005, Hard to the Metal & Heavy to the Core --Attak Recs.--

Just Loud music.... 

'Just Before His Crucifixion' A Life Once Lost
'Cracks in The Mirror' Age Of Ruin
'Rise or Die' Born From Pain
'Measured in Gray' Coalesce
'Nothing's Left' Cataract
'Weave' Grade
'Suave' He Is Legend
'Cold Play' Deadsoil
'Days That Never Change' End Of All
'Reaction Impulse Theory' Eulcid
'Wicked Saints' Impious
'Like It Never Was' Bars
'Last Light' Converge
'My Other Side' Comeback Kid
'Thrash'em All' Razor's Edge
'Cries For Sovereighty' Facedown
'Reaction' From Ashes Rise

++ VA-1991, Punk's Not Dread ++ --Sink Below Recs.--

Covers of classic punk rock songs performed by classic raw and crude punk and hardcore bands...

-Chaos U.K. 'For Adolfs Only'
–Chaos U.K. 'Bone Idol'
–Chaos U.K. 'Brain Bomb'
–Raw Noise 'Defiant Pose'
–Raw Noise 'G.L.C.'
–Red Flag 77 'No One'
–Extreme Noise Terror 'Borstal Breakout'
–Extreme Noise Terror 'Johnny Won't Get To Heaven'
–Filthkick (Legless) 'Naive'
–Filthkick (Legless) 'Sonic Reducer' 
–Red Flag 77 'Sad So Sad'
–Poison Idea 'New Rose'

++ VA -- Oi! The Ressurection & The Sound Of Oi! [Step-1 Music] ++

Great compilation from Step 1-Music Label. Two albuns in one CD. A lot of Oi! and Street Punk...

'Yesterday's Heores' The 4 Skins
'Pull You Through' Vicious Rumours
'Self Respect' Skin Deep
'I'm Civilised' Menace
'Revenge' Renegade
'No Way In' Condemned 84
'Mortgage Mentality' The Business
'I Wanna Be A Star' Cockney Rejects
'For The Love Of Oi' Section 5
'Heat Of The Street' The Magnificent
'Hungry Gun' The Strike
'Soul Boys' The Last Resort
'Coventry' The Business
'Surfin In Newquay' Vicious Rumours
'My Life's Fine' Skin Deep
'Sheila' Burial
'Fictional Kicks' Renegade
'Battle' Condemned 84
'Old' Cock Sparrer
'Norman' The 4-Skins
'Headcase' Section 5
'Coming On Strong' The Magnificent
'The Best' Five 0
'Beginning Of The End' Cockney Rejects

Thursday, August 24, 2017

++ The Flipsides ++ 2002, Clever One --Pink & Black Recs.--

Punk band from San Francisco, US...

The Best Of Times
Two Weeks
Punk Underwood
So Disgusted
I Like You
Clever One
Make It So
The Pitcher
Tough Love
Because I Can
Look Back

++ The Devil Dogs ++ 1993, Saturday Night Fever --Crypt Recs.--

NYC garage punk rock band. Originally played under the name The Rat Bastards for about a year before changing to The Devil Dogs. The Devil Dogs released their first album in 1989 and split up in December 1994. 

Big Fuckin Party (Pt. 1)
Dance With You Baby
Gonna Be My Girl
Once Around The Block
Shakey Sue
I Don't Believe You
Back In The City
6th Ave. Local
It's Not Easy
Sweet Like Wine
Stuck In 3rd Gear
Big Fuckin Party (Reprise)