Sunday, October 30, 2011

No Empathy - They Want Whatever

The third full-length from these DIY veterans continues in their tradition of aggro-melodic punk. Includes their 1989 release, Freedom of Flesh, originally on Roadkill Records.

1.12 gauge meathand
2.vitamin p
3.ben weasel don't like it
4.try not to hurt anyone
6.they want whatever
7.fried sausages and okra
8.orgone reich
9.past one o'clock
10.can't you understand
11.just say no (empathy)
13.freedom of flesh
14.oi across amerika
15.hesitate to say
17.self fullfilled curse
18.ziggy dusted
19.slaughter in monkey's eyebrow - comin' down the night train
20.hidden track Johann's Face Records
..password: hha

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